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Social Bread App is a platform that helps to connect digital content creators and SMBs to manage their online engagements. It is a one stop social media content solutions for content creators and SMBs.

Our Services


Unlock the power of Social Media with our Expert Management Service. Amplify your brand, engage your audience, and fuel business growth.

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  1. 12 Tiktok Videos (with Phone Camera)
  2. 12 Instagram Reels (Mirroring TikTok)
  3. 15 Instagram Feeds (Caption & Hashtag)
  4. 2x Video Sessions
  5. 1x Photoshoot
Rp 8.000.000
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  1. 12 Tiktok Videos (with Phone Camera)
  2. 2x Video Session
Rp 5.000.000
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  1. 12 Tiktok Videos (with Phone Camera)
  2. 12 Instagram Reels (Mirroring TikTok)
  3. 4 Instagram Feeds (Caption & Hashtag)
  4. 2x Video Session
  5. 1x Photoshoot
Rp 6.000.000
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Relevant Package

  1. 12 Tiktok Videos (with Lens Camera)
  2. Lens Camera
Rp 8.000.000
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Impactful Package

  1. 12 Tiktok Videos (with Lens Camera)
  2. 12 Instagram Reels (Mirroring TikTok)
  3. 4 Instagram Feeds
  4. Lens Camera
  5. 1x Photoshoot
Rp 9.000.000


Revolutionize the way your customers shop: experience the future of retail with our Live Shopping Service. Discover, interact, and shop in real-time!

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Our Package

  1. 30 Live Shopping sessions in 26 days
  2. 2 hours per Live Shopping session
  3. Marketplace options: TikTok, Shopee, Tokopedia (choose one)
  4. Full equipment for Live Shopping (device: iOS)
  5. Experienced host streamer, minimum 3 months
  6. Minimum CTR 30%
  7. Ads boost in every Live Shopping session
Starts from

Rp 13.000.000

(after tax)


Boost your brand's reach and credibility with our Endorsement Service. Harness the influence of trusted voices to elevate your products and services.

Who We Are

Social Bread is a trusted marketplace that connects Influencers and SMBs with their digital presences.

Social Bread was founded by experts and real social media content creators where we thrive to help and empower SMBs and Local Brand Owners in Indonesia to develop their business on digital platform

What we do

We specialize in leveraging digital channels and technologies to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals.

We use data crawling engine and well-trained content creator with their expertise to develop strategies that align with clients objectives and budget.

How It Works

We specialises in streamlined processes that results in maximum results. Here are the steps to transform your digital experience:

Step 1

After a meeting with our Relationship Manager and filling our User Form, you can ship your products to our Creative Hub for photoshoots.

Step 2

Our technology will assign the right content creator for you and content drafts will be given for you to review and approve before content productions.

Step 3

During the production workflow, we will start uploading content on the 1st or 2nd week of the month where 1 post will be uploaded every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Step 4

inal evaluation meeting with our Relationship Manager will be conducted as the last step of our services.

Why Choose Social Bread?

In today's era, you need to optimize your business marketing through social media. Here is how we are different and why choosing us as your trusted partner is prudent.

1.No Hassle

Let us manage your social media contents, so you can focus on handling your business

2.Increase Sales

An active social media which usually means that your brand is well known by many of your target audience which cab lead to more sales!

3.We Walk The Talk

With an extensive number of experienced content creators and our own Creative Center that has resources and insights, we certainly are able to help you to stay relevant on Social Media

4.100% Money Back Guarantee

Should you not see any impact of our services to your business, we will refund our service fee to you, unconditionally.


We have extensive experience in Digital Marketing & Creative industry and work with more than 100 SMBs/Local Brands in Indonesia, such as: Sour Sally, Gulu Gulu, Nyapii, Ventella, Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, Booga-Booga, and many more. As our users grow, so does our team.

200+Team members
150+Creators & Hosts
100+Recurring Projects
30+New Projects per Month
Total revenue generated

IDR. 5.900.000.000

Growth vs. 2022


*Statistic data as per 2023



And many more


2023TOP 39 Startup in SEA (South East Asia)TechinAsia
2023Verified Tiktok Shop Partner (TSP) of 2023Tiktok Shop Partner
20232nd ranking for highest GMV on Ramadhan saleTiktok Service Provider

And many more